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Instructions: You can use this form to order books, back issues, subscriptions, and Beginnings Workshops from Child Care Information Exchange. If you are ordering from within the United States or Canada, follow all four steps below. Your order should be received within 10 - 15 days.

Foreign Orders: If you are ordering from outside the United States and Canada, please complete steps 1 and 4 only! We will calculate your shipping charges and fax or mail this form back to you to for payment.

Rush Orders: If you require expedited processing of your order, call our order desk at (800) 221-2864 or (425) 883-9394.


Step 1: From our web site or catalog, provide the following information on the items you wish to receive.

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1000101 CCIE 1 year subscription   $38  
1000102 CCIE 2 year subscription   $69  
1000103 CCIE 3 year subscription   $99  
1002101 CCIE 1 year foreign subscription   $60  
1100101 Parenting Exchange 1 year subscription   $36  

Step 2. Calculate your total charges.

Total price of all items ordered above:  
State of WA residents add 9% sales tax  
Shipping cost for books (from tables below)  
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Shipping books within the US:
Amount of order Shipping charge
$40 or less = $4
$41 to $499 = 10% of order
$500 and up = 5% of order
Shipping books to Canada:
Amount of order Shipping charge
$40 or less = $6
$41 and up = 15% of order


Step 3. Provide payment information.

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Step 5. Submit to Child Care Information Exchange.

By mail: Child Care Information Exchange
Customer Service Department
PO Box 3249
Redmond, WA 98073

By FAX: (425) 867-5217

Thank you for your order!